How many reference materials do you need? What makes it a good reference?

As many as you have! Aim to have at least one image of each element that you already know needs to look a specific way. This can include person/figure features like hair, eyes, and overall appearance; clothing items; props; specific color choices; or motifs.

Excellent reference images are bigger (at least 600x600px) images in clear detail. They don't have to be exactly what you want me to draw, but I would appreciate some written explanation about what details are right and what you would like to look different. I can also merge details from multiple reference images.

Perfectly acceptable reference images can be of inspirational pieces of any size and quality that have elements you like. Think of these as Mood, aesthetic, vibe, or "B-roll" references, if you will. Written explanation about why these images appeal to you and are relevant to the commission will be very helpful.

If no reference images are provided, I will need anything else you have. Writings, songs, poems, videos, etc. Please note that your commission will be subject to an additional labor cost when there are NO [static/non-video] visual reference images provided. This labor cost will be calculated based on an hourly wage and included in the initial cost estimate. There will be more sketches involved if you do not provide references, and you will be paying for my time to make these sketches.

When do I know I have a commission slot?

Once you pay at least the first half of the initial cost estimate, and I have received that payment, you have officially secured a commission slot. I will email you to confirm your success.

Assuming you find the price acceptable and wish to proceed with the commission, it is a good idea to submit payments promptly. If there are concerns about payment, please talk to me about it! I am pretty cool and I hardly bite

I have characters in gay/lesbian/queer relationships. Will you draw them?

Oh my gosh yes *screeches gently*

What about polyamorous groups? Will you draw them?

Also very much yes. *continues gently screeching*

My character or person is not cis, can you handle that and not be a freak about it?

I am... not particularly cis myself... If you choose me to make your art, I hope to make this experience validating and joyous. I want to make art for you! We don't take kindly to TERFs 'round these parts~~~


Well! Gosh I can try? I am honored you like my style enough to ask. UwU

Do you do NSFW commissions?

Yes, with caveats. I am happy to illustrate what I consider "soft" NSFW, such as suggestive or revealing poses and designs, and kink aesthetic. Minors/underage characters NSFW will never be commissionable, and "hard" NSFW, such as explicit sex acts, will not be considered at this time, thank you.

My question isn't listed here!

If you still have a question, please contact me, Lin Grimm, via email at ellgrimmart@gmail.com and I will get back to you.