pricing & examples

character pricing menu

please note the guide is for the BASE PRICES, meaning the minimum pricing. Prices may fluctuate between rounds of commissions, at minimum are reassessed annually, and are based on a living wage for a freelance (self-insured, taxed) artist. All cost estimates will be discussed plainly before commission work begins. Thank you!

Menu prices are in USD, and formatted as follows:

how much body number/+number

the bolded number is the price for the first character
the italicized number is the price p
er additional character, each (optional)

Rough Sketch example:
single character full body, +simple background (stump, props)
200 USD


optional single fill color included in price

head/bust 60/+60

half body 105/+53

full body 180/+90

Clean Sketch example:
two characters, full body, with single fill color for contrast, +simple background (furniture)
320 USD


optional character(s) single fill color included in price

head/bust 110/+55

half body 150/+75

full body 200/+100

Clean Lines+ Flat Colors example:
single character, half body
, +flat background


head/bust 190/+95

half body 250/+125

full body 435/+217

Painterly Render example:
single character, bust, +simple background
510 USD


head/bust 500/+250

half body 700/+350

full body 900/+450

background prices

add the following cost to the total character cost, if applicable

examples of backgrounds seen in thirds, from left to right: flat, simple, fully rendered

Flat Background
add $0

one color (flat), or two colors in a gradient

Simple Background
add $20+

has a limited number of colors, and is more abstracted. There may be some indication of lighting and scenery

Fully Rendered Background
add $50+

has the most detail, fully considered lighting, and can include mid- and fore-ground elements (such as props, foliage, furniture, weather)

general notes on pricing

Additional time spent on my end working with too-minimal reference material, rendering more complex character designs, and/or going back to make changes after approval may increase the final price. Please check the FAQ for tips on how to save time and money when commissioning me

I accept USD payment through PayPal. Commissions are for digital art which will be issued as image files via email correspondence. No physical items will be shipped as part of a commission

terminology examples

With visual aids to clarify terms used in the pricing guide and that may be used when discussing your commission

how much of the figure is shown


The head and shoulders

Half Body

From the head to the mid-thigh

Full Body

The entire figure, from head to toes

level of polish


A sketch will have all of its details, such as form and shading, indicated with lines only. The sketch may be filled with one color to helps it stand out from a background

Clean Lines

Clean lines are based on a sketch, and will have few or no stray marks and no tonal or lighting indications. A figure rendered cleanly may be filled with a color to help it stand out from a background

Flat Colors

Flat colors can be added to a sketch or to clean lines.

Colors & Shading

When Colors & Shading are added to clean lines, this is considered a full rendering as it involves most of the previous steps (sketch, clean lines, flat colors, plus colors & shading)

do's and don'ts

what I will and absolutely won't draw

DOs :)

  • humanoids

  • 'Sonas, ESPECIALLY fae-, cryptid-, and witchsonas (5% off of commissions for these specific 'sona types!)

  • ships and pairings of all genders

  • fan art

  • body horror

  • soft/suggestive NSFW

DON'Ts >:(

  • underage/minor NSFW

  • hard/graphic NSFW

  • hateful art, motifs

  • NFTs