pricing & examples

I am very happy to start with a sketch or sketches and keep adding to a piece as you are able to contribute additional payments. I love my returning clients!


My rate is $60 an hour

Prices are in USD. See examples below








general notes on pricing

Prices are based on a living wage for a freelance (self-insured, taxed) artist. All cost estimates will be discussed plainly before commission work begins.

Additional time spent on my end working with too-minimal reference material, and/or going back to make changes after approval may increase the final price. Please check the FAQ for tips on how to save time and money when commissioning me

I accept USD payment through PayPal. Commissions are for digital art which will be issued as image files via email correspondence. No physical items will be shipped as part of a commission

terminology examples

With visual aids to clarify terms that may be used when discussing your commission

how much of the figure is shown


The head and shoulders

Half Body

From the head to the mid-thigh

Full Body

The entire figure, from head to toes 

level of polish


A sketch will have all of its details, such as form and shading, indicated with lines only. The sketch may be filled with one color to helps it stand out from a background

Clean Lines

Clean lines are based on a sketch, and will have few or no stray marks and no tonal or lighting indications. A figure rendered cleanly may be filled with a color to help it stand out from a background

Flat Colors

Flat colors can be added to a sketch or to clean lines.

Colors & Shading

When Colors & Shading are added to clean lines, this is considered a full rendering as it involves most of the previous steps (sketch, clean lines, flat colors, plus colors & shading)

do's and don'ts

what I will and absolutely won't draw

DOs :)

DON'Ts >:(