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Proofreading English Text

I specialize in colloquial-friendly, conversational American English. I am culturally LGBT literate, and all pronouns are understood. I have an eye for internally consistent formatting. If you are a writer who has already translated a written work into English and are looking for a friendly monolingual proofreader, or if you need to tune your local English to American English specifically, I am your proofreading pal!

email subject line: Proofreading

pricing: sliding scale, suggested $10 USD for each 1000 words. Payment upfront

turnaround time: estimated 2-3 business days for pieces up to 5,000 words. Extra cost for rush (at my discretion, will be discussed before beginning work if applicable)

deliverables: I will send you two digital files: a clean, corrected copy* as well as a copy with the corrections indicated for your review

I will carefully check your written work to:

  • correct errors with punctuation, grammar, capitalization, spelling, and formatting

  • correct improper word choices

  • look for omitted or repeated words

  • ensure text follows an appropriate style guide

  • suggest formatting corrections for typeset print publications (e.g. widows, font consistency, etc.)

Hire me to proofread all sorts of things before you publish! Including, but not limited to, your:

  • fanfics

  • blog posts (history, cooking, crafts, etc.)

  • YouTube transcripts/CC

  • Patreon posts

  • comics

  • flyers and pamphlets

  • books

  • e-books

  • zines

  • screenplays

  • resumes

  • cover letters

*clean copy deliverable offer only applies to editable text documents. Clean copies are not offered for static image file types (such as .png files of flyers or comics)

16 minute sample of me as your body double. Try it for yourself!

Remote Body Doubling

Do you get things done more effectively when you have another person nearby?

A body double can be very helpful when tackling tasks that require a lot of focus. Maybe you haven't had a body double before and are curious to see if it helps you to stay on task? Check out the video above to see if you like my vibes as an ambient work pal! Your lil Internet buddy!

email subject line: Body Double

pricing: sliding scale, suggested $25 USD per hour, one hour minimum duration. Payment upfront

timing availability: Weekdays, between 12 noon and 8 PM Pacific Time (USA), please anticipate scheduling body doubling time 2 or more business days in advance

Consider hiring me as your body double when:

  • completing school assignments

  • writing

  • paying bills

  • filling out paperwork

  • reading difficult text

  • folding laundry

  • washing dishes

  • cooking

  • organizing

  • having a stay-in movie night

  • other! ask me if you are unsure

What Happens During a Work Buddy Session?

I will host a one-on-one Zoom call. You can set the call up on a device, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Prop said device nearby and we can co-work together. I can listen to you think out loud,** but I will not speak unprompted after initial "Hellos" and confirmation of successful setup.

It may sound weird but I will not be trying to get to know you, nor will I be doing work with you directly. I will be purposefully pretty quiet, typically not looking at you, and otherwise not trying to engage or distract you. By being "near" but not demanding your attention, I will be reinforcing your mind and body's focusing ability.

I may be drawing, reading, or doing some quiet craft like knitting. You'll get a little surprise because it will depend on what I need to get done that day!

I will often be wearing pajamas, rocking some chunky headphones, and as a bonus my cat may wander in frame at some point. I have an Akko mechanical keyboard with Pink Jelly switches, if you appreciate background typing noises.

Audio with video, video with muted audio, or audio with no video are all options. Feel free to specify A/V preferences ahead of time in our email communication or at any time during our session and adjustments will be made.

**be mindful of not sharing sensitive information or violating Non Disclosure Agreements you may be subject to


NEURO: I love working with ADHD and Autistic folks. Stim! Don't mask! Wear comfy clothes! Have dim lighting! Wander out of frame without saying anything! I stim (verbal/humming) and elect not to mask when possible. Literally do not perform for me. Don't even smile at me if you don't want to. It's not weird. I'll probably look like this most of the time:
(ㆆ_ㆆ) *tickety typetty*
| mm 💻

FINANCIAL: I am a big fan of sliding scale payment because I believe financial barriers are harmful. Please pay what you comfortably can and think is fair

Please Note

Payment is upfront and only refundable for 1) unsolvable and severe technical difficulties, OR 2) official cancellation of appointment. Please email me with a minimum 24 hours' prior notice of cancellation or rescheduling. If I cancel, you are eligible for a refund, though I will appreciate rescheduling if possible. If you miss your appointment, or if we have technical difficulties, I prefer a rescheduling and reattempting instead of a refund and kindly ask you to coordinate rescheduling with me via e-mail.

Any funny business gets you summarily dismissed without a refund -- meaning: nothing NSFW will be occurring and I will ban you permanently and WITHOUT REFUND if you attempt anything inappropriate (sexual).

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I cannot diagnose or treat mental or physical ability or illness. Any interactions we have do not constitute as medical, legal, professional, or personal advice. I am literally just some nonbinary guy on the Internet who is pretty chill to hang out with :)