About The Artist

About Lin

A chibi style full body self portrait of the artist. They are smiling and have big glasses, big headphones, and are holding a sheet of paper in one hand and a pencil in the other.Lin has been making cool stuff as soon as they could hold a crayon. They bet you make cool stuff all the time too, but maybe you doubt the coolness of the stuff you make all the time! Let’s believe in ourselves!

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (2013) from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, Lin sought more ways to express themselves creatively. They found themselves helping Luc and Sally Durette make artisanal kaleidoscopes, which involved working with mirrors and wood and beads and wire in a very satisfying blend of math and art.

When Lin made and sold sauerkraut with a local business, one fine day a kid customer came up to the sales booth with a green balloon with sunglasses and warts drawn on it in sharpie. “It’s a pickle!” They beamed, and promptly gifted this cool pickle guy. Lin was absolutely touched. And, knowing that balloons don’t last very long, they crafted another pickle in amigurumi and set her up for many subsequent sales days. This little pickle companion encapsulated the impactful power of sharing your art with another person and inspiring them in turn.

Now Lin seeks retirement in the ripe old(?) age of their 30’s. Which really just means they don’t want to work for someone else, and you should commission them for art and stuff that they can do while sitting on a comfy couch in their pajamas

Bonus! Here’s the pickles

dark green balloon with sunglasses drawn on, held up in front of a white wall A medium green crochet pickle with a sweet smile and button eyes. It is being held up in front of a wooden background