That’s a Wrap, 2023!

Hello and Welcome to the NEW WEBSITE???

I know I’ve been pretty quiet online these days… I appreciate each and every one of you who has continued supporting me and my work despite my reclusiveness. 2023 has been pretty wild, ngl??! Lots of change happening —pretty much all in ways that feel like positive growth— and for that I am thankful.

I moved between states! I traveled nationally and internationally! Perhaps feeling a bit left out, my website also had to move hosts because Google Sites suddenly, officially, shut down and merged with another pay-to-play web host and design platform, and I took this as an opportunity to branch out into more independent hosting plus tackling WordPress for myself. I wish I could honestly say this did not involve copious amounts of swearing, but regardless of how colorful my language became at times (which I am learning is perhaps signalling that it is a moment to take a BREAK), I think my efforts to make a functional and stylish (enough) website are starting to come together finally!


Mini Travel Blog Interlude:


Miniature diver sculpture by Mihály (alternately Mykhailo or Mihajlo) Kolodko spotted in Budapest, Hungary. St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria. Donnerbrunnen fountain statue in Neue Markt, Vienna, Austria.


As for the part where I physically traveled all over: I spent a few weeks in Germany, Austria, and Hungary this summer, where I got to visit family and see the wonderful buildings and statues and forests and farmlands. …Not to mention make extensive use of the public transit options there! *Lin climbs up on their soapbox, megaphone in hand* The USA looks pretty weak once you’ve had the pleasant experience of navigating towns, cities, and traveling between countries without ever having to rent or drive your own car (and figure out where to park the damn thing). Also omigosh thank youuuuuuu brother and family for driving us when it did make more sense to use a personal vehicle! Those narrow residential streets are no joke (TToTT;)


The defunct and now decorative oil derricks of Kilgore, Texas, USA. The author and artist Lin Grimm in front of a metal silhouette of Louisiana, at a rest area in Louisiana, USA. A new guitar that Lin acquired while visiting friends in middle Tennessee, USA.


Then I got to zip around stateside for a few more weeks and visit family, my partner, and friends! This was more or less your classic American Road Trip, replete with oddball attractions (I’m looking at YOU guns and guitars shop in Texas that had a cast iron cannon hanging over the entrance!!! I am also looking at YOU town in Texas with oil derricks with stars on them that tower over main street like the many ominous eyes of a petroleum god!!!). While the driving aspect itself threw even further into relief the benefits of robust public transit for me, the lovely people who welcomed me at each destination were totally worth every minute on the road.


Now, I am incredibly glad to be staying in one place for a while and to not be seemingly constantly in motion and on the move~~ But! I feel energized and restored by these adventures in a super cool way. I feel like I have more creative fuel, and fresh perspective on how I want to prioritize and spend my time and energy. And that is truly invaluable.

For my 2023 I resolve to stay open, flexible, and nimble as much as I can without sacrificing my core values or my sense of calm. Do you have any new year’s resolutions? Drop them in the comments if you wish, I would love to read them! We’re all in this together, friends~!



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